Elevate Enrichment

Leadership Team

Catherine Koh
Managing Director, Head of Science

Having been in the Education industry since she was 18, Catherine brings along her wealth of experience and her passion towards the education of the younger minds when she started Elevate Enrichment Centre.

Prior to the birth of Elevate Enrichment Centre, Catherine headed another enrichment centre, together with co-founder Isaac. She was responsible for leading the overall direction of the centre and the daily management of the centre.

A strong believer of empowering students beyond the classrooms, and that leaders should always put themselves on the ground, Catherine also takes up teaching position at Elevate. By interacting with the students personally, she is able to steer the centre and cater to the ever-changing education scene. Catherine is also constantly looking for opportunities for her and her company to collaborate with to add values to the lives of young children.

Jocelyn Tan
Marketing Director

Graduated from Singapore Management University with a Summa Cum Laude in Marketing, Jocelyn has over 4 years of tutoring experience. She is one of the founding members of Elevate and has been instrumental in driving the business strategy of Elevate Enrichment. Prior to undertaking the Marketing & Business Director role at Elevate, Jocelyn has held key leadership position in the investment banking and finance industry. 

A creative individual, Jocelyn has strong background and interests in brand development and consumer welfare and is fully committed to elevating our brand to become a household name.

Adrian Wong
Finance Director

Graduated from The University of Melbourne with a First Class Honors in Accounting and Finance and an undergraduate scholarship recipient, Adrian has 1 year of tutoring experience in University. He is one of the founding members of Elevate.

Adrian has keen interests in B2B collaborations, and is constantly seeking for opportunities for the growth of our company and our clients'.

Isaac Neo
Director of Academics, Head of Mathematics

When Isaac was a secondary school student, he noticed that the education syllabus was shifting towards a trend of letting students take charge of their own learning. There was a real struggle there, because while the intention was as such, Isaac felt that there was no clear guidance nor coaching in aiding students to become self-sufficient. Graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor in Business Administration, and owner of multiple businesses, Isaac is also an adaptable leader with multiple years of experience in the Education industry. 

Prior to Elevate Enrichment Centre, Isaac co-founded another enrichment centre. He strives to provide academic leadership for our team of teachers and future leaders to come, to groom them into quality educators and life mentors to our students.