Elevate Enrichment

The Elevate Experience

Your elevated learning experience starts with us

Experienced Teacher -Mentors

Our teachers come from a variety of education backgrounds and years of teaching experiences. They are carefully selected and trained to ensure they have the mastery of subject content and are able to grow a strong mentor-mentee relationships with our students.

Beyond just delivering academic content, our teachers will be the mentors to guide our students to discover their best learning style, leading them through challenges and mastery.

Cultivating Independent Learners

At Elevate, students take charge of their own learning process. Active learning is strongly encouraged with a focus on content and skill application. Students are also able to learn at their own pace without having to wait on or struggle to catch up with the rest of the class.

Independent learning trains student for higher education where lecturers and professors are mostly ‘guides on the side’.

Small Class Sizes

With a student to teacher ratio of 1:5 ( max), students get more individual attention and more guidance. Similar to a 1-to-1 tuition setting, students can progress at their own pace and teachers can also monitor the students’ learning journey much closely.

Grooming Future Leaders

Every child a leader.

One of Elevate’s goals is to groom students into confident future leaders through lively discussions in class to holiday workshops.

Workshops on Leadership, Public Speaking and Interview Skills will equip our students for the future. Leadership at all levels can have a dramatic impact on how well organisations run, we strive to groom our students into leaders so they can lead in their various fields beyond their academic years.

Accountability to Parents

Our teachers and staff maintain very close relationships with our students’ parents.

These closely knitted relationships are built through bi-annual parent-teacher meetings, ad-hoc discussion and constant updates through the Elevate App.

Conducive Learning Space

Elevate Enrichment is designed to provide a comfortable learning environment that is free of the harsh fluorescent lightings of traditional classrooms. The centre is a safe space for both learning and questioning.

The space is equipped with a well-stocked pantry for students to refresh themselves after a long day at school and scented with essential oils that help sooth stress and anxiety.

Empowered to Succeed

The journey to success starts with a strong foundation and a well mapped-out plan.

As our students begin learning with us, our teachers will discuss goals with them and encourage students to take meaningful steps along the way to achieve their academic goals.

Students are able to track their progress through the Elevate App, have discussions with our teachers to make positive steps towards their goals.

Embark on The Elevate Experience