Elevate Enrichment


Are the lessons at Elevate taught according to a specific school syllabus?

The teaching materials curated at Elevate follows the syllabus and subject requirement designed by MOE very closely. However, curriculum here at Elevate follows the needs of the students/what they are learning in school. i.e. we do not run an independent curriculum that may defer from schools. 


How many students will be accommodated in each class?

To ensure each student’s development is prioritised, we will keep each class to a maximum of 6 students.


What subjects are on offer at Elevate?

The subjects include Mathematics, E. Mathematics, Add. Mathematics, General Sciences, Biology, Chemistry, Physics,English and Principles of Accounting.

What are the tuition fee rates across the different levels?

Please reach out to us for further details on the tuition rates.


 Are there any other fees or charges besides the tuition fees?

There are no additional charges or fees besides the tuition fees.


Are the cost of the course materials included in the tuition fees?

Worksheets, assessment books and exam practice papers that are used during lessons are included in the monthly tuition fees.


Is there a requirement for students to sign up to a contract for a term, monthly or can students pay on a per class basis? 

Students are required to sign up to a monthly package covering 4 – 5 lessons per month i.e. 1 lesson per week.

Each Lower Secondary (Secondary 1 and 2) lesson is for 1.5 hours while each Upper Secondary (Secondary 3 and 4) lesson is for 2 hours.


When will the invoice for fees be sent and when does the invoice have to be paid by?

In the month of registration, the billing and payment of invoices will be made upon enrolment into each subject. In subsequent months, the invoices will be sent out 10 days prior to the start of the following month and are to be settled / paid by the first day of the following month. 

The invoice and receipt of payment will be sent to the respective parent and student via our mobile application.


How can I make a payment to Elevate for the tuition classes?

Payment can be made by cash or by cheque. Cheques should be addressed to “Elevate Enrichment Centre Pte. Ltd.” (name to be spelt out in full).


What if the student joins in the middle of the month?

Fees for students who join in the middle of the month will be pro-rated based on the number of remaining lessons for the remainder of that month.

Can students arrange for a make-up class if they miss a scheduled lesson?

Students are encouraged to attend their scheduled classes consistently. If a student is unable to attend a scheduled class, he/she is required to give at least 2 days advance notice to the teacher and reschedule a make-up class for the same subject. 

This can be changed via a mobile application that the student will be required to download upon enrolment. Students will need to make up classes during the same week of their original class.

There will be no refund of fees for late notice or class cancellations, regardless of the reason for absence, with less than 2 days of advance notice. 


Do you offer trial classes?

 Yes we do!


Will classes be scheduled during public holidays?

Classes falling on a public holiday will remain as scheduled, unless otherwise advised by the tutor. In the event of any change, the tutor will give at least 1 week notice in advance to the students.