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June Holiday Science Crash Course 2022

Our June Holiday Science Crash Course aims to give students an intensive content revision & answering technique mastery during this June holiday!

Teacher Catherine will be covering topics that students usually struggle with, as well as commonly asked questions and their answering techniques!

All student will also be given a comprehensive guide that includes notes, summary and suggested answers to commonly asked questions specially designed by Teacher Catherine that covers the entire syllabus!

​We are limiting the class capacity at 6 students per session, and registration will close once we are maxed out.

Sign up for the June Holiday Science Crash Course now before it’s too late!


1 session :$150

2 sessions: $280

Current students get 10% off course fee, bring a new friend and receive additional 10% off your total course fees.

(Include both you and your friend’s name in the sign up form)

Crash Courses

Pure Chemistry

Date & Time:

Session 1: 7 June (Tue) 1-4pm

Session 2: 14 June (Tue) 1-4pm


Session 1 Topics: mole concept, electrolysis, chemical bonding, acid, bases & salts

Session 2 Topics: metals, redox, QA & Organic Chemistry

Pure Biology

Date & Time:

Session 1: 8 June (Wed) 3-6pm

Session 2: 15 June (Wed) 3-6pm


Session 1 Topics: Nutritions in plants, transport in plants, reproduction in plants, Reproduction in humans

Session 2 Topics: molecular genetics, inheritance, excretion, homeostasis, hormones

Pure Physics

Date & Time:

Session 1: 30 May (Mon) 12-3pm

Session 2: 6 June (Mon) 12-3pm


Session 1 Topics: Kinematics, dynamics, Pressure, mass,weight & density, WEP

Session 2 Topics: Current electricity, DC circuit, Practical electricity, Magnetism, Electromagnetism & EMI

Combined Science

Date & Time:

Session 1: 31 May (Tue) 1-4pm [Physics]

Session 2: 13 June (Mon) 12-3pm [Biology]

Session 3: 20 June (Mon) 12-3pm [Chemistry]


Session 1 Topics: [Physics] Kinematics, dynamics, Static electricity, Current electricity, DC circuit, Magnetism, Electromagnetism

Session 2 Topics: [Chemistry] Mole concept, Acids, bases & salts, Redox, Metals, Organic Chemistry

Session 2 Topics: [Biology] Transport in human, transport in plants, nutritions in plants, coordination & response, molecular genetics & inheritance

Please feel free to direct any enquires to our Whatsapp and our friendly staff will get back to you ASAP!