Elevate Enrichment

Our Programmes

A Leading Tuition Centre in Singapore, Elevate Enrichment, provides Mathematics, Sciences and Principle of Accounting programmes to meet the needs of secondary school students in both Normal (Academic) and Express Streams. Our programmes place strong emphasis on building firm concept foundation and practice. Lesson materials are specially curated in-house to build on content knowledge as well as exam-ready application skills. Our curriculum are individually designed for each student to allow them to learn at their own pace. 


We will help to organise your child’s learning journey with us by documenting every lesson on our uniquely developed App, and this continual act of journaling will aid immensely in your child’s revision process.

We offer separate classes for students from IP Schools as well. Contact us for more details. 

Subjects Offered


Lower Secondary Mathematics | Elementary Mathematics | Additional Mathematics 


Upper Primary Science| Lower Secondary Science | Biology (Pure/Combined) |

Chemistry (Pure/Combined) | Physics (Pure/Combined)

Principles of Account