Mathematics Programme

Mathematics, Elementary Mathematics, Additional Mathematics

In these subjects where numbers can often be overwhelming to a student, we do our best to make the numbers come alive. Our teachers in charge of these subjects take the ‘O’ Level Mathematics & Additional Mathematics as private candidates every year to lead our students by example. In doing so, he is firmly acquainted with the syllabus and has no problems making the subjects relatable to your child.

Building Strong Foundation

One of the most common problems students face in Mathematics is the lack of a strong foundation in the subject to begin with. This tends to lead to a snowballing effect, which can greatly demoralise students. We believe in fixing the problem at its roots, and we will not hesitate to help recap any past foundational skills and subjects for your child that he or she may feel lost at. This will eventually lead to a much better understanding of the subject as a whole.

Students at Elevate Enrichment are often amazed at how much faster they learn here than in their school. It is easily explainable – because the mainstream school curriculum has to cater to the masses, they are unable to provide syllabuses that is tailored to the different learning speeds of each student. At Elevate, we distil our lessons into crucial key points that help our students absorb better. In short, we help students to learn in the most efficient way possible!

Practice & Mastery

This is so that they can proceed to the most important path to excelling at mathematics- and that is practice. We make sure that our students are also aware that they too are responsible for their own learning. This is a key area that is necessary for success in every area – practice!

Doing consistent and guided practices can only result in one eventual outcome- the mastery of the subject. Our students can and will become well-versed in the concepts that our centre imparts. This follows our pedagogy of learning, doing, then mastering – so that our students can elevate to greater heights!