Elevate Enrichment

Science Programme

General Science, Biology (Combined/Pure), Chemistry (Combined/Pure), Physics (Combined/Pure)

The Science Programme at Elevate is all crafted in-house by a team of experience teachers and consultants. As per all of our programmes, we place very strong emphasis on strong foundations and intensive practice. Science practices are multi-level so that students are able to learn at their own pace, not compromising on their foundational work. Concepts are also delivered using multimedia & demonstrations, encouraging learning beyond the textbooks, bringing Science to life.

Lower Secondary

Sciences, at the lower secondary level, consists of Biology, Chemistry & Physics. Our curriculum aims to instil interests across all 3 sciences, allowing students to discover their passion and interests in specific field.

Your child will learn an entirely new skill set required for scientific inquiry and higher level concepts at the Upper Secondary level


Biology is the study of life, and the way it is taught at Elevate Enrichment is also filled with live! Teachers at Elevate often engage students with animations and/or documentaries to aid in the visualisation of the various biological processes and mechanisms that plain books will not be able to show.

With a strong foundation in the various concepts, students will then be exposed to a varied style of practices and master answering essay questions precisely and coherently.


Students are often afraid when approaching Chemistry at the upper secondary levels, but at Elevate we will introduce chemistry as an extension of what the students have already learnt in lower secondary. Students with be equipped with the foundation of integrating new information with those they have already learnt prior.

Practices are an integral part in scoring for Chemistry as the same concept can be woven into many types of applications. Through vigorous practices, students will master and score well for their examinations!


Physics- the branch of science concerned with the nature and properties of matter and energy. As per the other branches of science, at the upper secondary level students will be exposed to the extension of some topics that were already taught and also new topics such as electromagnetism and kinematics.

Many of the physics topics are inter-related and the teachers at Elevate will always strive to make sure that students are equipped with a strong foundation before moving on. Through multiple practices, teachers ensure that students are able to think beyond the box and manipulate datas and diagrams to their advantage when solving physics questions.