Passive Studying yields Passive Results?

It seems to be an inherent human nature to yearn for the day where we no longer have the need to put in effort, yet be sufficiently rewarded financially or materially such that we can live comfortably. Many adults are always searching for the ‘Holy Grail’ of passive income, be it property or stocks investments so that they can one day sip martinis off the beaches in the Caribbean Sea. As such, can we really blame our youth for fantasising about not needing to study, yet achieving fantastic grades?

Expectations versus Reality

One of the most common outbursts we would likely hear from underpaid and overworked adults would probably go like this: ‘I hate my 9 to 5 job! I want to find a passive way to make money so that I can quit this job and travel the world!’. If we examine such a statement critically, it is clear that quitting this person’s job is one of the worst decisions to make if travelling the world is indeed the eventual goal. A more concrete and realistic way to attain this lofty ambition would be to grit one’s teeth, save up diligently and relentlessly pursue avenues to propel oneself in the direction of the goal.

Often, we tend to think in extremes. We could be at one end of the extreme (where we have next to nothing in our bank), yet fantasise about the other end of the spectrum (living a luxurious life). There is a very real and difficult in-between process to go through, which our brains tend to conveniently ignore.

Linking to education…

When it comes to education, many of our youths tend to think the same way too. Maybe they could be currently failing or doing poorly in a certain subject, yet they fantasize that perhaps if they pull a few all-nighters to try to speed-learn the subject, they will suddenly be able to attain mastery in the subject or even never needing to study the subject ever again. Nothing can be further from the truth! Learning is a rigorous process that requires a consistent effort. It begins by finding the right path – so that the student absorbs the correct content.

Next would be the journey of grinding, by doing the necessary practices so as to reinforce the right techniques and methods. Only then can the student achieve mastery in the subject matter, and with this mastery in hand, he would then be able to elevate to greater heights.

Passive studying will not yield positive results

This process of learning is easy to miss in our perpetual chase for quick and easy results. However, we must be clear that passive action tends to lead to passive results, while active action leads to positive results! So it is imperative that we remind our youths, and ourselves, that we need to take active responsibility to achieve our goals!

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