Dilaan Sivakumar

Dilaan Sivakumar

“Ever since I joined Elevate Enrichment, my Physics grades have improved tremendously from a 50% in my Year 3 SA2 to a 70% in the Year 4 SA2. This is largely due to the help I’ve received from Mr Huzaifi. In his classes, he would ensure that we better understand the various concepts instead of simply memorising them. This way, I would not only be more prepared to ace my exams, but also develop a greater appreciation for Physics. Apart from the comprehensive coverage of all topics to tackle our weaknesses and further bolster our strengths, Mr Huzaifi’s friendly character has also allowed us to be comfortable asking questions to clarify all our doubts. I strongly recommend Elevate Enrichment to all students.”

End of Year Exams Results (2021):

Physic A (Grade point 4)

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