Peh Wei Wen

Peh Wei Wen

“I have attained 78% for my year 4 SA2 and it was because of the help from Elevate Enrichment and Mr. Huzaifi. Mr. Huzaifi is a teacher that pays much attention to detail, highlighting the keywords and formulas for each topic and drilling them into our brains ensuring that we are well prepared for our exams. He also occasionally shows my class physics applied in the real world which has really further deepened my understanding of physics and further piqued my interest in the subject, motivating me as well. Whether is it during lessons or online I can comfortably clarify my doubts with him due to his friendly attitude. Notes given by Elevate Enrichment were also simple to understand and practices had a suitable degree of difficulty better preparing us for the exams. I strongly recommend Elevate Enrichment to all students.”


End of Year Exams Results (2021):

Physics A (Grade point 4)

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