Elevate Enrichment Centre catered to my needs..

“I joined Elevate Enrichment Centre (Previously Flipside Education Hub) when i was in Sec 2, I was introduced by one of my primary school friend who was already having lessons there. Both Teacher Catherine and Teacher Isaac has helped me a lot and i managed to get into the subject combination i wanted. The teachers treated us like we are family and will sometimes buy us food when we did well in school exams! They catered the tuition lessons to my needs. My mum and I really liked Elevate Enrichment Centre so i continued my education there until my O-levels. I did very well for my O-levels and managed to get into JC and take the subjects that i wanted.¬† Thank you Teacher Isaac and Teacher Catherine!”

Student from 2016-2018

O-levels results (2018)

Combined Science (Chem/Phy) A1

E. Mathematics A1

Add. Mathematics A2